Logan Grace Baptist Church

Holy Bible

Holy Bible

We love to welcome people into membership of Logan Grace Baptist Church. Membership is open to anyone who professes faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and who commits to serving in a local church context under Biblical oversight. All Christians belong to the invisible church of Christ, but the Bible teaches us that we should also become united with the visible expression of the church for fellowship, equipping, nurture and service. At Logan Grace Baptist Church, we don't take membership lightly. Christians are to work within their particular church for the cause of the Gospel. Therefore, church members are, in a sense, leaders and servants of the church who serve according to their abilities in accordance with Jesus’ command to love God and their neighbour. They must be trained and released to use their spiritual gifts in various ways so that they too are leading within the church, behind the Elders and Deacons, as the priesthood of believers that Scripture speaks of throughout the New Testament. Being a Member means making a commitment to the Church, and it also means the Church is making a commitment to you. To make sure we get this right, we've put in place a simple process that we ask prospective Members to work through with us. Here’s how to become a Member of Logan Grace Baptist Church:

I. Connect

Attend Weekly Worship Service, Participate in a Mission of Community, Sign up a member form to be a member.

II. Be A Christian

Members must confess faith in Jesus Christ as God and Saviour (and get baptised if they have not previously done so).

III. Know what we believe ∓ teach

Attend the Doctrine Information Sessions, which explains who we are, what we believe, and how we operate as a church, and provides an opportunity to get to know Logan Grace Baptist Church Pastors and leaders.

IV. Covenant

Affirm Logan Grace Baptist Church beliefs by signing the Membership Covenant and living out the expectations of Members:

V. Community.

Live life with other Members of the family by remaining an active part of a missioning community group.

VI. Serve.

Use your gifts, talents, skills, and time to serve the church and participate in Jesus’ mission.

VII. Give.

Members are expected to honour the Lord with their money and tithe according to their income