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Holy Bible

Holy Bible

Defining Mission

Mission is the things you do in order to make the vision become reality.

So, the list below includes the things we will seek to do, by God's grace, to see the vision of Logan Grace Baptist Church become a reality:

1. Community

In biological terms, a community is a group of interacting organisms sharing an environment. In Christian terms, a community is a group of people sharing life. The Christian life cannot be lived in isolation. Jesus intends that all of his followers participate in Christian community. More than participate, He intends that his followers dip themselves in Christian community! We want to experience the love of Christ in true relationships with one another and with our friends who are learning about Jesus. So we’re cultivating love, joy, and fellowship in Christ. Our Mission for community are our primary means for developing true community.

2. Discipleship

We are the body of Christ. Jesus has given every one of us gifts for service. Our pastors and elders are to equip us to use those gifts and do the work of ministry. We don’t want to sit on backside and doing nothing kind of Christian. We want to make a big influence in the world. Because Jesus tells us to make disciples and to teach them to do all that He commands. So we want to make more and better disciples. We want to be disciples who make disciples who make disciples. More disciples are made as we share Jesus and the Love of our lives with our friends. Better disciples love and follow Jesus more and more faithfully. More and better disciples bring Jesus glory and bring us joy. Our primary place for helping one another to be disciples who make disciples is in our Mission for community.

Logan Grace Baptist Church ,
Worship objective of the direction of God is leading us in future ministry
  • Logan Grace Baptist Church is a group who wants to be open to the Holy Spirit and we are reliance on the Holy Spirit that is expressed in our individual lives and through our lives together. Under the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we should be open to change.
  • Logan Grace Baptist Church is active worshipers, led by the Holy Spirit.
  • Logan Grace Baptist Church believes in the Bible and we wants biblical truth teaching to support everything we do and preach.
  • Logan Grace Baptist Church is a prayer people who believe that every aspect of life (including ministry) should be covered in prayer.
  • Logan Grace Baptist Church is a group who values a sense of family, the important of belonging and the need to draw others into the family circle and a place where love abounds and strangers are welcome.
  • Logan Grace Baptist Church recognizes the importance of having activities that are relevant and meaningful for all age groups, in particular children and young people.
  • Logan Grace Baptist Church is a group who has a vision for ministry beyond ourselves and our Church and to the local community and the world.


We want to be a church that is wisely relevant. This means we’ll seek to discern which parts of the culture we should challenge and which parts we should redeem. It is biblically wise to be culturally relevant. It is biblically unwise to be culturally irrelevant. We are not of the world yet we are in the world. We will struggle to be both faithful to God and Scripture and relevant to the world around us. This struggle requires biblical wisdom.


When Scripture gives us passages like (James 4:13–16) and (Matthew 6:34) (among others), it may seem odd that we might have a list of goals. While boasting of the future is un-godly, so is failing to plan (Proverbs 14:22) and (Proverbs 24:27). We aim to be like the Apostle Paul who made plans but always held on to them loosely, submitting to the sovereignty of God who has the plan for our lives and His Church. So, our goals are things we would like to aim for at Logan Grace Baptist Church, and we list them so that we might have a target in mind to strive for, with the hope that, by God’s grace, we might do all we can to be faithful to the task He has called us to. As time passes, our goals will change as we respond to different needs, opportunities and God’s enabling. So, in no particular order, here are our current goals:

1. A Serious commitment to discipleship and pastoral care.

If people are serious about following Jesus then we will seek to bless them in that effort with a serious commitment to shepherding their spiritual growth. We will actively pursue their growth in Christ through one-on-one discipleship and their participation in Mission of the community. We will endeavour not to shirk our responsibility to patiently correct, rebuke and encourage people with good teaching, and biblical discipline designed to promote a God-honouring response to the grace of the Gospel.

2. Elders who take their responsibilities seriously.

Eldership is not a reward for anything. It does not necessarily relate to age. There are biblical qualifications for Elders and biblical roles and responsibilities for Elders to be concerned with. So, by and large, Elders will be leading Mission Communities or ministry of some kind, they will be committed to pray for the Church and its people, and they will, by God’s grace and enabling, lead lives that are a testimony to God’s glory and an inspiration to everyone in the Church.

3. A Significant investment in Youth and Children’s Ministry.

Logan Grace Baptist Church is majority populated by young families. As well as engaging people through the outreach of our Mission for Communities, our goal is to reach many families through our ministries to youth and children. This means that we will invest people and money into, youth and outreach, Kids and kid’s recourse.

4. A Permanent Home.

At Logan Grace Baptist Church, we would like to have a permanent place. By permanent, we don’t mean a venue that would never, ever change. Instead, we mean a venue that is available for ministry for 24 hours for 7 days. In other words, not just a facility we rent on Sundays, but a building that is available through the week for our various ministry and community activities.

5. At Logan Grace Baptist Church 200 attending worship services every week.

Actually, we would like more than 500 a week, so hopefully we can adjust this goal in the not too distant future. However, at this stage, we want to at least signal that we aim to be a large regional church not a small residential church. So, having this goal in mind will affect how we think about doing ministry, our facilities, our budgets, our staff and so forth.

6. A Church that appeals to men.

Of course we want women and children as well, and there will be prominent and specific ministries designed to serve these groups. The point we want to be aware of is the severe decline in participation in church in Queensland by men. There are many theories as to why this is the case. At Logan Grace Baptist Church we want to reverse that statistic and see men stepping up to be the Christians, husbands, and fathers that they can be by following Jesus.