Logan Grace Baptist Church

Holy Bible

Holy Bible

Defining Vision

Vision is a clear mental picture of what could be, motivated by the conviction that it should be.

Corporate vision for our Church

The vision of Logan Grace Baptist Church is to significantly impact the Logan area with the transforming grace of the Gospel by following Jesus and making disciples to the glory of God.

Personal vision for our Members

The vision for the members of Logan Grace Baptist Church is that they will:

1. CELEBRATE the life of God through
  • Personal devotion and prayer
  • Gathering together for worship, praise and prayer
  • Continual awareness and response to God's presence
  • Know Jesus enough to follow Him
2. CULTIVATE personal growth in Christ through
  • Prayer and study of God's Word
  • Personal application of biblical principles
  • Maturing as Christians, reflecting and modelling the character of Jesus Christ
  • Love God enough to obey him
3. CARE about one another in Christ through
  • Sharing their joys, needs, and growth
  • Recognition, development, and use of the gifts of the Spirit by every believer
  • Service, sacrifice and prayer to meet each other’s needs
  • Love people enough to serve them
4. COMMUNICATE Christ to the world through
  • The motivation, protection and empowerment of prayer
  • Loving and serving relationships with those who are not Christians
  • Ongoing reproduction of their life in Christ by evangelism
  • Penetration of society and the world by discipleship that meets needs
  • Trust the Father enough to risk everything to advance His kingdom
  • Trust the Holy Spirit enough to let Him change them and use them for His Glory